Deliver A Nice Fruit Basket

She said she wanted to deliver a fruit basket and then she said it was just a nice fruit basket – filled with fruit, plenty of fruit, and a nice personal touch.

The New Fresh Fruit Basket for 2013.


Fruit Hampers Info now Available

A great new addition to the stable is the Fruit Hampers site, filled with the latest on fruit baskets, gift ideas and getting things right for a great delivery service.

Keep in mind we offer fantastic juicy fresh fruit hampers too!

Fruit Baskets for Business Case Study

Fruit Baskets Hampers Ideas; A Case Study

The Challenge – Fruit Bouquets

Looking for the Best Gift Idea for your Business?
We do fruit baskets for a building company who feature a handover basket on completion of the new home.  Previously, the company had used gift package filled with products from the supermarket.  But the admin lady had moved on and none of the staff had the time, inclination or talent to put one together.  As the director put it…

“We had run out of ideas and were giving vouchers – but handing over a voucher did not have the same impact as a fresh fruit basket.  We have noticed a great face to face response in handing over with a professionally made Fruit Basket.”

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The customer is a local franchisee of a nationally known building company, so there is a high expectation of quality control and maintaining brand standards.
Hunter Valley Hampers undertook to ensure that the fruit baskets would be delivered in pristine condition to the recipients home, with personalised messages and some unique inclusions depending on the clients likes.  We made sure that ordering was simple and that the fruit basket would be delivered promptly.

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After the intial enquiry phone call, Brendan or Kacy from Hunter Valley Hampers visited the business with a selection of fruit baskets for approval.  We explained that due to seasonal fluctuations in the price and quality of fruit, there would be some variation in the contents of the fruit baskets, but that generous size and blemish free fruit would be maintained regardless.

“I was surprised at the value for money with the fruit baskets.  At first we were sceptical that the quality would be consistent, but Brendan and Kacy at Hunter Valley Hampers have not let us down.”

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Fruit Baskets are an established corporate gift in large cities, and Hunter Valley Hampers is proud to be the innovators in Newcastle.  We pride ourselves on being the first and best Fruit Baskets in Newcastle, with generous size and daily freshness our points of difference.  You are no longer forced to use florists for fruit baskets – we don’t do flowers, and florists don’t  do fruit.

Fruit Baskets make great delivered gifts for hospitals as well as business thank you gifts.
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Christmas Fruit Baskets Newcastle

Christmas Gifts for the Person who has Everything

Every Family has them, everyone knows one, and we all struggle to find just the right Christmas Gift each year – the person who has everything.   And be realistic, a gift voucher just isn’t good enough when you want to make a personal, thoughtful expression of your feelings.  So you scour the malls and browse online, looking for something a little left of centre for your hard to buy for friend.  And guess what?  Here is my secret tip for the holiday season – stop looking, here is the answer – a gift basket or gourmet hamper!

Christmas Gift Ideas

Let’s set the scene – your friend is established, has a well stocked home and all sorts of odds and ends and doesn’t really want for anything.  And you arrive for your holiday drinks with a handmade gift basket filled with a selection of her favourite foods, pamper items and some cute hobby accessories.  The perfect gift with a tantalising immediacy and personalized to suit her exact likes and preferences.

Or, better yet, you have arranged for a gourmet hamper to be delivered to her house in the days before Christmas so she will be able to share the products with her family and guests over the holiday period.  And you write a memorable little ditty to accompany the personal greeting card which is enclosed with the gift.  Again, it’s sharing the perfect gift, with a truly meaningful twist.

Fruit Hampers Sydney

Inspiration can come from any of your previous experiences with your friend, like particular tastes and flavours she likes – simply buy a gourmet sampler with these condiments in mind and you will have created a valued, original gift for her without being lazy.  And that’s what it is all about when you come down to it, we all remember the little gifts that have that extra something that touches our heart.  Perhaps not the biggest or the most expensive, but the gift with the most thought.

In my years as a gift professional, I recall several instances where an executive client received a particularly well thought out gourmet hamper designed and packed by our staff with extensive consultation with the people who knew him well.  It was a real knockout to hear the amazing feedback once he was presented with the gift.  This demonstrates that careful planning, attention to quirky personal details, and trusting the actual hamper build to the professionals can result in a truly awesome impact.

Thank You Gift Ideas

Still not convinced that gourmet hampers or gift baskets are the ideal gift for the person who has everything?  What if I told you adding a range of food, condiments and taste products like coffee, chocolate, wine, beer, champagne, and jars will make the gift not just something focused on her experience, but on her next dinner party or family occasion, when she will be able to share the products?  That’s when the gift becomes something entirely more than just about the recipient, and the focus shifts to sharing, caring ad family.  And that, after all, is what Christmas is all about.

Consider sharing a fruit bouquet or fruit  hamper with your hard to buy for friends this Christmas and see how well like your choice is.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Insider Secrets Christmas Gift Basket Shops Don’t Want You to Know

Every industry has trade secrets and hidden truths that it keeps from the general retail public about the industry. Simple things about the product, or the sales process, or the transaction that favors the business owner ad leaves the retail buyer at a distinct disadvantage.

Pamper Hamper

And the purpose of this article is to expose them to you, the buyer, so you will be a more astute consumer of gift basket and hampers in future. I am not here to discredit the industry, or paint the hard working fellow gift basket makers as a canny or untrustworthy lot – far from it. Just a few little things to look out for that will save you money and help you drive a better bargain next time you order.

Christmas Hampers with Cherries

Christmas Cherry Box – The Best Kept Secret At Fruit Baskets Newcastle

Here’s the most important thing to remember when you are ordering a hamper or gift basket – nine out of ten people who order will not ever see what they are paying for. Simple as that.


Hamper Ideas

In the vast majority of cases, the hamper will be ordered by one party, and set to another destination, to be opened by the recipient who has no idea what to expect. So the representation to the buyer is something similar and near to as possible as that actually delivered to the recipient.

This is a fundamental difference to most other online ordering experiences, where the item is ordered and the recipient is the same person. You see what you want, order it, and then you get it. With gift baskets and hampers, the case it you see it and order it, and then a very close approximation, depending on what is in stock and your preferences, is delivered to the recipient. Big difference. Be aware that some gift basket shops will exploit this fact to the maximum and push the limits of what is being delivered compared to what is being ordered.

Fruit Boxes

Also keep an eye on packaging and presentation. Now this starts with the very image you will be looking at in the catalog or on the website. Immediately the products are neatly arranged around a central theme, with matching colors and most likely some props and situation items scattered around. Like baubles and sprigs of Christmas Tree setting the scene for a Christmas Hamper, or glasses and champagne flutes for a wine hamper. Note most often these are not included in the actual gift basket you will be sending to your recipient. Note how some things are not included, a disclaimer like ‘props not included’ should be clearly visible.

Packaging can be a further reveal when there is none – in other words the gift selection is actually a collection of products in a cardboard box. Now whilst strictly speaking this is a gift being delivered as promised, without props, it is quite distinct from seeing the neatly arranged presentation in the catalog or website. It is just some products in a box. Your recipient may not get the same tingly feeling pulling out some products from a box, it certainly doesn’t feel like a gift basket or a hamper when it doesn’t come prepared in an actual wicker basket.

Hampers For Men

Being completely switched on with what you are buying, and what condition you expect the goods to be delivered in is a great way to avoid disappointment when ordering a Christmas Hamper or gift basket. Just by noting these simple tips and hints I hope you will enjoy a more satisfying and complete experience next time you order online. In the meantime, enjoy your gift baskets and hampers.

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Christmas Hampers 2011

The secret concept from the last two Christmas Seasons is back, and we are promoting it in a big way at Newcastle Fruit Baskets!

Looking for a fresh sharing gift idea?  But wary of ordering the same same this year – you want some impact, right?

Here’s what we have been doing for our premium local clients (by this we mean our loyal local customers who we have been working with for a few years, you know who you are…)

A fruit hamper or fruit box is the perfect corporate gift delivered for Christmas, it is fresh, it is full of the finest of market bought seasonal fruit, and it is something that will definitely be shared and eaten by your recipient in the days before Christmas.  So here’s how it all works…

1.  Your Fruit Hampers are absolutely packed with the freshest of seasonal summer fruit!  So we’re talking cherries, berries, grapes, mangoes, melons, stonefruit, you name all your favourite fruits and they will be bulging inside your fresh fruit hamper!

2. The Fruit Baskets are delivered direct to your business address for you to hand out or they can be sent to the home address of the recipient.  No worries, it will get there in the days before Christmas so there is plenty to share for Christmas!

3.  You can get a deal – order more than three and you start getting into DISCOUNT TERRITORY – that means you can order a Fresh Summer Fruit Basket from $29!  So making a distinctive Fresh impression is simple and affordable!

4.  Call 1300 284 684 and reserve your place today – we can only make about 300 each Christmas season and they sell out quickly.  So to guarantee your place make sure you reserve your order and place a deposit as soon as possible.  Oh, and don’t forget, all orders of $1250 plus get a complimentary bottle of Moet Champagne, valued at $90.

5. You can always upgrade, add extras or even put in your own business stationery or personal message with your Christmas Cards.  At Newcastle Fruit baskets we make your order by hand, in the days before Christmas so there is plenty of opportunity to add your own touch to make your gift giving extra personal.  Just ask and we can make it all work for you…

So call 1300 284 684 and reserve your Christmas Hamper Fruit Basket NOW!