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Welcome to Spring 2014!

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Fruit Hampers Info now Available

A great new addition to the stable is the Fruit Hampers site, filled with the latest on fruit baskets, gift ideas and getting things right for a great delivery service.

Keep in mind we offer fantastic juicy fresh fruit hampers too!

Fresh Winter Fruit Baskets

With the changing of the season we now move into beautiful winter fruits and some out of season fruits that have come down from up north.

Fruit Hampers

Currently we are featuring grapes, citrus, new season apples and bananas and put together by the styling team, they make the ideal thank you gift for business and personal occasions.
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Christmas Fruit Baskets Newcastle

Christmas Gifts for the Person who has Everything

Every Family has them, everyone knows one, and we all struggle to find just the right Christmas Gift each year – the person who has everything.   And be realistic, a gift voucher just isn’t good enough when you want to make a personal, thoughtful expression of your feelings.  So you scour the malls and browse online, looking for something a little left of centre for your hard to buy for friend.  And guess what?  Here is my secret tip for the holiday season – stop looking, here is the answer – a gift basket or gourmet hamper!

Christmas Gift Ideas

Let’s set the scene – your friend is established, has a well stocked home and all sorts of odds and ends and doesn’t really want for anything.  And you arrive for your holiday drinks with a handmade gift basket filled with a selection of her favourite foods, pamper items and some cute hobby accessories.  The perfect gift with a tantalising immediacy and personalized to suit her exact likes and preferences.

Or, better yet, you have arranged for a gourmet hamper to be delivered to her house in the days before Christmas so she will be able to share the products with her family and guests over the holiday period.  And you write a memorable little ditty to accompany the personal greeting card which is enclosed with the gift.  Again, it’s sharing the perfect gift, with a truly meaningful twist.

Fruit Hampers Sydney

Inspiration can come from any of your previous experiences with your friend, like particular tastes and flavours she likes – simply buy a gourmet sampler with these condiments in mind and you will have created a valued, original gift for her without being lazy.  And that’s what it is all about when you come down to it, we all remember the little gifts that have that extra something that touches our heart.  Perhaps not the biggest or the most expensive, but the gift with the most thought.

In my years as a gift professional, I recall several instances where an executive client received a particularly well thought out gourmet hamper designed and packed by our staff with extensive consultation with the people who knew him well.  It was a real knockout to hear the amazing feedback once he was presented with the gift.  This demonstrates that careful planning, attention to quirky personal details, and trusting the actual hamper build to the professionals can result in a truly awesome impact.

Thank You Gift Ideas

Still not convinced that gourmet hampers or gift baskets are the ideal gift for the person who has everything?  What if I told you adding a range of food, condiments and taste products like coffee, chocolate, wine, beer, champagne, and jars will make the gift not just something focused on her experience, but on her next dinner party or family occasion, when she will be able to share the products?  That’s when the gift becomes something entirely more than just about the recipient, and the focus shifts to sharing, caring ad family.  And that, after all, is what Christmas is all about.

Consider sharing a fruit bouquet or fruit  hamper with your hard to buy for friends this Christmas and see how well like your choice is.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Fresh Corporate Christmas Gifts – Fruit Baskets

Sharing Corporate Christmas Gifts amongst you business associates can be a hit and miss affair if you do not consider your recipient, the gift itself, and presentation of the gift.  A well thought out gift can be a crucial repeat and referral business trigger, ensuring your name is top of mind when your business niche is required.  Just as importantly, the presentation and appearance of the gift can make or break the whole process, as a strikingly put together gift can impress beyond your expectations.  Your Corporate Christmas Gifts should be appreciated, effective and memorable so your recipient feels special, and your name is connected with a favorable event.

Christmas Hampers Australia

Your recipient obviously has a range of personal interests and preferences, and although it is important to have these in mind, it is also wise not to cater too specifically to these likes.  For example, an avid golfer may prefer a golf themed gift, but it would not go down well with the rest of the team if it were just one gift across the whole department.

So knowing general tastes is best, and indulging those favourites will be pleasantly acknowledged – instead of targeting a specific hobby or pastime that they will already have accessories to.  Buying a gourmet food hamper for corporate Christmas Gifts makes for an effective and memorable present as it caters for the niche where the individual is pampered and indulged with bespoke foods, condiments and chocolates.  And enthusiasts of all types will appreciate the attention to detail and boutique quality of fine handmade foods and condiments.

Thank You Gift Ideas

With corporate gift giving, there ultimately comes the moment when the gifts are delivered to the place of business and, before they are shared amongst the staff, the boxes are noticed, perhaps in the foyer.  This is the first stage of the gift experience, where a well made shipping box, with the hamper company’s corporate logo, conveys a certain anticipation and expectation of quality.  The next stage is opening the box and seeing the gourmet hamper, packed for presentation as a gift basket, wrapped under cellophane, with ribbon and bow.  This can be the make or break moment, where the items in the gift basket, the wrapping and the overall impression can either make lips curl up into a smile, or brows furrow in confusion.

Baby Hampers Sydney

With a well-chosen corporate Christmas gift, your recipient will feel valued, will see the gift as an effective confirmation of the value of your ongoing business relationship, and will ultimately share the products of the gourmet hamper amongst friends and family over the holiday period.  Nothing can over estimate the value of an effective gift basket at this special time of year.  And that is what and effective and memorable corporate Christmas Gift makes for you, a lasting impression that your relationship is both worthy of sharing a quality gift experience, and valued for the future.

How do I send a Fruit Hamper?

3 Tips for Sending a Fruit Baskets or Fruit Hamper?

First, here’s a simple checklist to make your job so much easier.

1. Have your delivery address details with you when you call. Do you have the exact delivery address and as much detail as possible, including any important information that might help the delivery person? Things like is there a dog at the residence, or the ward name and bed number, or a mobile phone contact of the recipient all go towards making the delivery run smoothly for the courier, and most importantly, for you so there is lees chance of missed-communication or confusion.

2. If possible have your message prepared before you call. if you have artisitc flair and would like to share your message with your recipient in more detail than a simple Get Well Soon or Thinking of You it always pays to write out your message and edit it prior to making your order phone call. At Fruit Baskets Newcastle we appreciate it may be an emotional event for you and in all the hustle and bustle of organizing your delivery you may have overlooked one of the most important details – your personal message. Don’t worry, we can talk you through the process and offer advice.

3. We offer over 16 unique Fruit Basket designs, which is the largest range of Fruit Baskets and Fruit Hampers at an independent Australian retailer, something we are justly proud of and no doubt keeps us at number one year after year. So you may be overwhelmed with choice considering the popularity of the designs. So once again, we are here to help and you can be confident your suggestion for a custom Hamper will be met with a positive response. After all, it is a challenge ad a thrill to make your fruit basket just as you request!

So with this in mind we hope you will make the right decision and give Newcastle Fruit Baskets the opportunity to be your partner in a delivered fruit Hamper to your friend, co-worker or colleague.

Fruit Hampers Delivered Newcastle

February has been an exciting month – we are proud to say we have experienced our highest number of orders since 2007 and our customer service feedback is also impressive – zero refunds, exchanges, re-sends or general stuff-ups. ZERO!

Justifiably, we are proud to offer you the BEST Fruit Hamper and Gift Basket delivery service across Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter Valley across to Port Stephens.

Simply place your order early (preferably before 9am) and we guarantee same day delivery.

Now here’s the rub – we don’t on sell our orders to affiliates and other assorted characters like you will fid our competitors in do. NO WAY! We hand pack all our fruit hampers ad fruit baskets and ship them out ourselves, so you are assured value for money and the best premium quality fruit.