Get Well to John Hunter Hospital

Sounds silly? You bet, but that’s what they all want to send – a Get Well Hamper to John Hunter Hospital – we deliver to the hospital not once a day, not twice a day, but THREE times a day – in fact, we actually live at John Hunter Hospital and we only come out at night when all of the lights are out…. Only joking, we actually live in a big house by the sea, but that’s another story too!

No seriously, we do


Everyday, just make sure you let us know as soon as you can so we can process your order and get it to the John Hunter Hospital on time.


How do I send a Fruit Hamper?

3 Tips for Sending a Fruit Baskets or Fruit Hamper?

First, here’s a simple checklist to make your job so much easier.

1. Have your delivery address details with you when you call. Do you have the exact delivery address and as much detail as possible, including any important information that might help the delivery person? Things like is there a dog at the residence, or the ward name and bed number, or a mobile phone contact of the recipient all go towards making the delivery run smoothly for the courier, and most importantly, for you so there is lees chance of missed-communication or confusion.

2. If possible have your message prepared before you call. if you have artisitc flair and would like to share your message with your recipient in more detail than a simple Get Well Soon or Thinking of You it always pays to write out your message and edit it prior to making your order phone call. At Fruit Baskets Newcastle we appreciate it may be an emotional event for you and in all the hustle and bustle of organizing your delivery you may have overlooked one of the most important details – your personal message. Don’t worry, we can talk you through the process and offer advice.

3. We offer over 16 unique Fruit Basket designs, which is the largest range of Fruit Baskets and Fruit Hampers at an independent Australian retailer, something we are justly proud of and no doubt keeps us at number one year after year. So you may be overwhelmed with choice considering the popularity of the designs. So once again, we are here to help and you can be confident your suggestion for a custom Hamper will be met with a positive response. After all, it is a challenge ad a thrill to make your fruit basket just as you request!

So with this in mind we hope you will make the right decision and give Newcastle Fruit Baskets the opportunity to be your partner in a delivered fruit Hamper to your friend, co-worker or colleague.

Fruit Hampers with Chocolate

Just a quick update about our successful promotion in conjunction with Grabone marketing.

We offered a discount of 57% on our Chocolate Fruit Hampers for two days only leading up to Mother’s Day and were swamped with business.

Chocolate Fruit Bouquets

It was a great result for all involved and certainly exposed our product to many new clients who may not have previously have been aware of our services.

In particular, we would like to mention the nine, (that’s right NINE!) emails we received with positive feedback about how well the fruit hampers were on delivery!

Hampers For Men

Now this is a combination of our efficient order system, our fresh daily fruit from the Newcastle Markets, and the great relationship we have with our courier and delivery drivers.

Keep in touch and will be updating more regularly as we near our next promotion.

Fruit Hampers Delivered Newcastle

February has been an exciting month – we are proud to say we have experienced our highest number of orders since 2007 and our customer service feedback is also impressive – zero refunds, exchanges, re-sends or general stuff-ups. ZERO!

Justifiably, we are proud to offer you the BEST Fruit Hamper and Gift Basket delivery service across Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter Valley across to Port Stephens.

Simply place your order early (preferably before 9am) and we guarantee same day delivery.

Now here’s the rub – we don’t on sell our orders to affiliates and other assorted characters like you will fid our competitors in do. NO WAY! We hand pack all our fruit hampers ad fruit baskets and ship them out ourselves, so you are assured value for money and the best premium quality fruit.

Beer Fruit Baskets

When a bloke you know is ill, or has achieved a milestone, or has celebrated a birthday, what do you do – send him a bunch of flowers?  Hardly.  But you still want to send a gift that is more personal and immediate than a gift voucher or gift card.  And nothing screams ‘last minute gift idea’ like a case of beer from the bottleshop.

Hampers for Men

To start with, you get beer.  Premium locally made boutique beer from the famed Murrays Brewery.  Each beer is handmade and features a tangy taste with the delightful punchiness of full alcohol flavor.

Second, you get delivery to the door.  This saves you time and money and ensures a the gift actually gets there.  Poit out a specific delivery day and order in advance to be certain your fruit basket will arrive on time.

Get Well Soon Gifts

Third, Best Value in Newcastle and the Hunter with our Beer Gift Hampers.  With prices starting at $79, ordering a Beer and Fruit Basket has never been easier, what with loads of options to add your own personal flair.  Call (02) 49 689733 to place your order.


Hunter Olives Fruit Basket

Share a generous Fruit Basket featuring locally grown Hunter Valley Olives.
Sometimes a Fruit Basket is completely appropriate for your gift giving occasion.

Hampers For Men

For example, we delivered a Hunter Olive Fruit Basket to a lady celebrating an important wedding anniversary just this week.  With her poignant personal message, the Fruit Basket looked a treat when delivered to her husbands place of work.

Earlier this month, we delivered a Hunter Olives Fruit Basket to a chalet in Pokolbin for a honeymooning couple.  The mother of the bride had ordered the hamper and we were thrilled to be chosen for this job – the look on the bride’s face when delivered was priceless!

Thank You Gift Ideas

Order today by calling 49 689 733 with prices starting from $79 and a host of inclusions so you can personalise your order.

Fruit Baskets to John Hunter Hospital

Anytime you have a loved one spending time in hospital is stressful, and one of the best ways to boost your immune system is to share some fresh fruit whilst you spend time together.
But you may not be able to make it to the John Hunter Hospital in time, so you can rely on Fruit Baskets Newcastle to deliver a premium fresh fruit basket brimming with the season’s finest fruit.

Fruit Basket with Moet

To make it easy for you to order, here’s one of our bestselling fruit baskets, we simply call it the Fresh Fruit Basket.
Starting from $59 (plus $15 delivery) you will not be disappointed with the blemish free fruit or the generous portions, or importantly, the crisp cellophane and peerless presentation.  And we throw in a smiling delivery person just to brighten what could be a lonely hospital stay.
Call 1300 284 684 to order.