Insider Secrets Christmas Gift Basket Shops Don’t Want You to Know

Every industry has trade secrets and hidden truths that it keeps from the general retail public about the industry. Simple things about the product, or the sales process, or the transaction that favors the business owner ad leaves the retail buyer at a distinct disadvantage.

Pamper Hamper

And the purpose of this article is to expose them to you, the buyer, so you will be a more astute consumer of gift basket and hampers in future. I am not here to discredit the industry, or paint the hard working fellow gift basket makers as a canny or untrustworthy lot – far from it. Just a few little things to look out for that will save you money and help you drive a better bargain next time you order.

Christmas Hampers with Cherries

Christmas Cherry Box – The Best Kept Secret At Fruit Baskets Newcastle

Here’s the most important thing to remember when you are ordering a hamper or gift basket – nine out of ten people who order will not ever see what they are paying for. Simple as that.


Hamper Ideas

In the vast majority of cases, the hamper will be ordered by one party, and set to another destination, to be opened by the recipient who has no idea what to expect. So the representation to the buyer is something similar and near to as possible as that actually delivered to the recipient.

This is a fundamental difference to most other online ordering experiences, where the item is ordered and the recipient is the same person. You see what you want, order it, and then you get it. With gift baskets and hampers, the case it you see it and order it, and then a very close approximation, depending on what is in stock and your preferences, is delivered to the recipient. Big difference. Be aware that some gift basket shops will exploit this fact to the maximum and push the limits of what is being delivered compared to what is being ordered.

Fruit Boxes

Also keep an eye on packaging and presentation. Now this starts with the very image you will be looking at in the catalog or on the website. Immediately the products are neatly arranged around a central theme, with matching colors and most likely some props and situation items scattered around. Like baubles and sprigs of Christmas Tree setting the scene for a Christmas Hamper, or glasses and champagne flutes for a wine hamper. Note most often these are not included in the actual gift basket you will be sending to your recipient. Note how some things are not included, a disclaimer like ‘props not included’ should be clearly visible.

Packaging can be a further reveal when there is none – in other words the gift selection is actually a collection of products in a cardboard box. Now whilst strictly speaking this is a gift being delivered as promised, without props, it is quite distinct from seeing the neatly arranged presentation in the catalog or website. It is just some products in a box. Your recipient may not get the same tingly feeling pulling out some products from a box, it certainly doesn’t feel like a gift basket or a hamper when it doesn’t come prepared in an actual wicker basket.

Hampers For Men

Being completely switched on with what you are buying, and what condition you expect the goods to be delivered in is a great way to avoid disappointment when ordering a Christmas Hamper or gift basket. Just by noting these simple tips and hints I hope you will enjoy a more satisfying and complete experience next time you order online. In the meantime, enjoy your gift baskets and hampers.

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