Fruit Hampers with Chocolate

Just a quick update about our successful promotion in conjunction with Grabone marketing.

We offered a discount of 57% on our Chocolate Fruit Hampers for two days only leading up to Mother’s Day and were swamped with business.

Chocolate Fruit Bouquets

It was a great result for all involved and certainly exposed our product to many new clients who may not have previously have been aware of our services.

In particular, we would like to mention the nine, (that’s right NINE!) emails we received with positive feedback about how well the fruit hampers were on delivery!

Hampers For Men

Now this is a combination of our efficient order system, our fresh daily fruit from the Newcastle Markets, and the great relationship we have with our courier and delivery drivers.

Keep in touch and will be updating more regularly as we near our next promotion.


3 thoughts on “Fruit Hampers with Chocolate

  1. Hi

    Fruit gifts are the most favorite for especial events. There are many people sent fruit gifts on mother’s day. They want to to same on father’s day.

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