Beer Fruit Baskets

When a bloke you know is ill, or has achieved a milestone, or has celebrated a birthday, what do you do – send him a bunch of flowers?  Hardly.  But you still want to send a gift that is more personal and immediate than a gift voucher or gift card.  And nothing screams ‘last minute gift idea’ like a case of beer from the bottleshop.

Hampers for Men

To start with, you get beer.  Premium locally made boutique beer from the famed Murrays Brewery.  Each beer is handmade and features a tangy taste with the delightful punchiness of full alcohol flavor.

Second, you get delivery to the door.  This saves you time and money and ensures a the gift actually gets there.  Poit out a specific delivery day and order in advance to be certain your fruit basket will arrive on time.

Get Well Soon Gifts

Third, Best Value in Newcastle and the Hunter with our Beer Gift Hampers.  With prices starting at $79, ordering a Beer and Fruit Basket has never been easier, what with loads of options to add your own personal flair.  Call (02) 49 689733 to place your order.



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